“JCCAC Festival 2022″ Feature Exhibition-Classics Revisited・Classics Reinvented /「JCCAC藝術節2022」 主題展覽形象設計 — 訪古・講古 |



Human history moves forward in time in a relentless march. By revisiting the classics, we study historical values; by reinventing the classics, we tell our own story. Exploring the past, we acknowledge our identity and look for future possibilities.

The Art of Dunhuang illustrates a history of ethnic harmony, finding important meaning for the present through a journey into the past, in the form of an artistic discovery which found echoes of Dunhuang art in the late Byzantine frescos preserved in Serbian churches and early Renaissance wall paintings in Italy.

Inspired by their visit to Dunhuang, Serbia and Italy, artists created new artworks which, together with those by their comtemporaries in the host countries, are featured in this exhibition at JCCAC to tell a compelling story about the modern and ancient story of cultural exchange between the East and West.


9/12/2022 – 1/1/2023 |11:00 – 20:00 (每日) |L0 及L1 藝廊|JCCAC、白盒藝坊、白盒之友