K11-Happiness comes in waves 2018

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藝術家張展恒為K11打造的大理石浮紋水拓畫《生》,前後經過多次反覆計算和嘗試才能造出別具新年意義畫作,期後再結合藝術家調配好的金色礦物顏料點綴,再由K11 設計及創作團隊聯乘設計師關子軒將之呈現於四款利是封上,分別以鯉魚、蓮子、流水與荷葉為題,成為一套極具收藏價值的藝術品。


荷葉:取其諧音[和], 有家庭和睦、團團圓圓之意象,蘊含著一切的和諧美好。


Happiness Comes in Waves
The artistic ripples of “Happiness Comes in Waves” are derived from local millennial artist Cheung Chin Hang, Kaya’s marbling artwork Life.
The K11 team curated a limited edition red packet set based on Life, adapted by millennial graphic designer Jason Kwan. Each of the four packets feature a core symbol from the painting, forming a complete collectible art piece together.
KLUB 11 Members can redeem complimentary red packets upon designated spending. Please refer to the promotion materials at K11.

Leaping to success and perpetual fortune.

Lotus Seeds
Abundance, wealth and the good fortune of having many children.

Flowing Water
A symbol of new life, vigor and energy.

Lotus Leaves
Family harmony, wholeness and unity.


About Cheung Chin Hang, Kaya
After graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, Kaya further explored the art of ink marbling. His philosophy is that creativity is a never-ending cycle that converts, adapts and sublimates a “concept”. This creative process allows artists to express themselves. He has worked with various organizations, including Alibaba, Bank of China, CUHK Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies, HKU Space, etc.

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